Delphi Murders: The Shocking Truth Behind the Cold Case

Delphi Murders: The Shocking Truth Behind the Cold Case

The Delphi Murders are one of the most infamous and puzzling cases in American history. Someone brutally killed two teenage girls in 2017, shocking the nation. Abigail Williams and Liberty German were hiking in Delphi, Indiana when someone killed them. The killer left behind a photograph, a sketch, and an audio clip of himself, but he avoided capture for almost six years. In this article, you will learn the shocking details of the cold case, including how the police finally apprehended the killer, the evidence they have against him, and the unanswered questions. Additionally, we will describe who Abby and Libby were, how people remembered them, and what we can infer about them. Continue reading to learn more about the murders at Delphi and the perpetrator.

What Happened?

On February 13, 2017, two girls went for a stroll in Delphi, Indiana.  Their names were Liberty German and Abigail Williams. They were only 13 and 14 years old. Unfortunately, they never returned. Somebody murdered them. For a very long time, the police searched for the murderer. They had some clues, such as the killer’s voice, a drawing, and a photo. These came from one of the girl’s phones, which captured the murderer. The girls’ families were eager to catch the murderer. Meanwhile, the police did not give up.

How Did They Find Him?

The killer was captured by the police on October 26, 2022. Richard Allen is the man’s name. His age is fifty. In Delphi, he resides. On the day the girls died, he claimed to have been on the same trail as them. Although he claimed to have seen them, he neither knew nor killed them. He was lying, and the police had proof of it. His gun was discovered close to the girls’ bodies. When they searched his home, they discovered more knives and guns. Additionally, he admitted to killing the girls to his wife. In an attempt to win her forgiveness, he apologized.

What Do We Not Know?

We don’t have complete knowledge of the situation. We have various concerns, such as: How did he get friendly with the girls? Did he harm or deceive them?

  • How did he manage to avoid capture for so long? Did he have any allies or friends that could aid him?
  • Why did he choose these women? Has he ever been nasty to other people?
  • How did he kill them? He wanted to stop them from telling, but did he also want to hurt them or have sex with them?
  • How did the authorities locate him? Why did they examine his home and obtain his DNA?
  • Is what he said about his wife accurate? Did he fabricate or lie?

What Will Happen Next?

The police have identified the murderer, and Abby and Libby’s loved ones are pleased with the outcome of the murder case involving Delphi, which is horrifying and terrible. Delphi’s residents are also content. However, they also have more queries and issues. Beginning in 2023, Richard Allen’s trial will take place. We aspire to discover the truth and see him held accountable for his actions.

Who Were Abby and Libby?

Libby and Abby were my best friends. They had the same schools and interests. Moreover, they were polite and intelligent. They also had a great deal of love for those they cared about. Besides, they enjoyed play and exploration. Above all, they were courageous and joyful.

How Did the People Remember Them?

After the girls passed away, people who knew them wanted to pay tribute to them. As a result, a park was created for them. They also raised cash to build a sports facility. In addition, they gave scholarships to other kids. Furthermore, they wore purple ribbons. They also spoke well about them.

What Can We Learn From Them?

Abby and Libby taught us several things. First, we learned from them to be strong and cautious. Second, they taught us how to work together and help one another. Third, they taught us to have fun and be inquisitive. Finally, we learned from them not to give up on justice or hope.

How Can We Help Families and the Community?

The Delphi killings have caused a great deal of suffering for the families and residents of Delphi. Two wonderful girls who had promising futures have gone. They have long endured a state of anxiety and dread. No one should have to go through the anguish and grief they have. They require our assistance and sympathy. By contributing to their causes—like the Abby and Libby Memorial Park, the Abby and Libby Sports Complex, and the Abby Williams and Libby German Scholarship Fund—we can support them. By respecting their privacy and requests, giving them words of love and hope, and keeping them in our prayers and thoughts, we may also assist them. They do not have to feel alone or uncared for; we can demonstrate that to them.


The terrible and intriguing Delphi murders case has held the nation’s attention for many years. The arrest of Richard Allen in 2022 has provided some closure for the Delphi community as well as the family and friends of Abby and Libby. But it has also brought up fresh issues and difficulties for the prosecution and defense. Early in 2023 is when Allen’s trial is anticipated to start. We can only wait in the hopes that the truth will eventually come to light and that justice will be served. We may also pay tribute to Abby and Libby, two bold, intelligent, and lovely young women who cherished one another and life. They provided us with many insightful insights that we might use in our own lives. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this article about the murders at Delphi and the perpetrator.

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